No.1 in Suffolk! 2013

The National Primary School League Tables have been published this week and we are delighted to announce that we are ranked No.1 in Suffolk; (90th, nationally, out of 21370 schools).

Using the same measure Ofsted uses to measure progress, the APS (Average Points Score) gives parents a clear indication (using a point system) of just how much progress their child, regardless of ability, has made upon entry to, and upon leaving, Primary School.

The APS score system allows for a fair comparison of all Primary schools; thus making it possible to compare the progress a Year 6 cohort of 8 children to one of 80 children.

Other measures may mask a lack of progress, but APS gives a clear and accurate measure of real movement throughout a child's primary school career; and in this we have succeeded!!!

I am very proud of all the children and staff for their hard work and determination to achieve the best.