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Prayer spaces

"I liked watching the bubbles fizz away, it made me me feel happy" Isaac

"I liked praying to God to ask him to PLEASE help people in Africa" Poppy


"I really enjoyed prayer spaces because it gave me a lot of time to think about my prayers. I especially enjoyed the bit where we went inside a cardboard box. To start with it was fun because I thought it would be good to play in - but then I remembered that the box is all that some people have to live in!

They don't have a nice warm bed and a bedroom like me. It made me feel thankful for just how lucky I am." Noah 

"Prayer spaces is great! I really liked the forgiveness stones. We had to hold them tight and think about someone we wanted to forgive. When we put them in the water the stones turned to beautiful colours to show the beauty that happens when you forgive someone. I also liked laying on the beanbags and looking up to all of the stars that God created." Olivia